About Me

Just what the hell is this odd little site all about ?

In mid-March lockdown arrived in the UK (delivered both late and incompetently by a bunch of complete morons, but this is a separate issue) and, working in IT as I do, I found myself responsible for ensuring that all of my colleagues in Gotham could suddenly work from home the very next day, for as long as they wanted to, but practically without having to lift any extra fingers whatsoever; I found myself both incredibly busy and yet insanely bored at the same time. I quickly realised that I needed a project to distract me from the New Normal the threat of which stretched out almost infinitely into the future...

What to do, what to do.....The Gym closed, so now wasn't the time to get working on that six-pack, kids needed homeschooling, the washing needed doing and frankly my actual job still needed to get actually...jobbed...so whatever it was I wanted to do really couldn't take up too much time or space or energy... ANY SORT of project would do - anything at all 'interesting' to provide a little distraction; I really am happier when I have a project and now that my commute had been taken away from me, it could no longer be binge watching Season 2 of Altered Carbon on Netflix courtesy of South Eastern Trains..

What about, I thought, watches. I like watches but there's always something more important and less frivolous to buy. But...maybe...I could play a game and see if, through buying some in bulk of say 15 of a particular type that liked, I could resell them with just enough profit to keep one of them? Could I get stuff for free through being cunning? I've learned more about customs and excise, VAT, international shipping, watch movements (both Swiss and Chinese), Chinese copyright law and how you would REALLY go about diluting brand provenance if you wanted to, Francis Ford Coppola films, $ / £ transaction fees and the time of day to make a purchase in another currency to get the best exchange rate, than anyone has a right to know; My head fizzes with WatchLore......

I started selling on eBay. Then I started selling on eBay so much that I had to keep a spreadsheet...and then that go so complicated that I had to put extra tabs in it and learn how to use conditional formatting.. my plan to differentiate my listings from everyone elses through reasonable prices and lightning fast delivery started to very much work - my feedback is chuffing fantastic. So then - with some shiny new watches on my wrist - I set myself a NEW challenge to pay off the credit card instead. But Ebay is a fickle mistress, and those 12% fees, when they come-a calling, are painful to endure. I resisted the urge to set this site up some time ago, because maybe it was going a little too far and that I should probably just stop and do some actual paid work....but the thought of it kept calling to me, mainly because I reasoned that running a small site wouldn't be any much more hassle than what I was already doing anyway - taking 15 watches to the post-office on the school run every day - and yet potentially more profitable, but also because I thought maybe I could differentiate again by creating a small boutique shop, still with the same reasonable prices and lightning fast delivery but one that perhaps took some form of requests from like-minded people who also shared my passion for high quality yet reasonably priced wrist appareil...and so here we are! This is an experiment to see if I can supply to an informed and reasoned demand. I'm still working on how to actually COLLECT this information from other watch geeks, but it's only day one. I'm sure I'll get there.

Should we drop to a Q and A format for the rest? I think so - that lot up there is a bit dense..

You're mucking around and potentially taking money out of the pockets of people who ACTUALLY do this as a job to earn a living; What say you ?

I'm never going to complete, I'm never going to try to compete. I will never be even the smallest of thorns in anyone's side. I am not even a distraction, let alone competition. I'm not going to sell Rolex's or Pateks, not ever. I MIGHT sell some Lacos but ill have to gauge opinion from the mailing list on that one..really, I'm not going to be a bother to anyone. As you were.

OK, fine, but your whole raison-d'etre means that I can ignore you and just buy anything you sell from Amazon - there's 9345937947 products on there, and you have, like, 4.

You can't buy a Steeldive at the price I'm selling it at, AND with the additional straps, AND a bergeon from Amazon. You're not going to be able to get the insane full-lume San Martin from there either. You CAN buy a Duro from Bezos, but mine will be cheaper. You're not going to get the careful curation and thought and market research from Amazon - you're going to get 30473049783047 items delivered to your door, yes, but you won't get the experience of taking part on the process of deciding what it is I should sell and what you might like to buy!

Right. I'll just buy it from Aliexpress myself then!

Yep, you could absolutely do that. But are you SURE you know how much the tax man is going to charge you for it? or how much Parcel Force's handling fee will be? or when it might actually turn up? I've built relationships with Chinese and US vendors and work hard to eliminate as many variables as possible so that you don't have to. I only send Royal Mail and I prefer Guaranteed 1300 or Royal Mail International track and trace, the price of both I subsidise. If you're in the UK and you order before 1430, you'll very very probably get your watch tomorrow.

Consider me your own personal UK-based QA service. When you buy from me know that I have done a thorough QA on your watch - the hands and date have been wound through, the bezel rotated, and I've checked that the dates increments at midnight. I set the time and date and in so doing confirm that the bezel and bezel stem are fitted properly - it's not going to fall out on you. There won't be any hairs or thumbprints on the underside of the glass. Additionally I de-magnetise all watches to ensure that they are as acurate as I can make them without taking the back off. Let me know if you want me to fit one of the extra straps that you watch might come with - this is not a problem. You don't get that lot from AliExpress, do you ? no, that's right..

Your prices. Talk to me about your prices. They seem too low - which on one hand I like, but on the other I distrust; are you a scam ?

All I have to comfort you with right now is my Ebay feedback. I'll look to see if I can do something with trust pilot. I'm not a scam and I'll try to offer you the best customer experience I can. On the prices themselves, I buy in (small) bulk and receive a discount in return. I do not charge a huge markup but I must of course charge SOME because I have to pay for the site and, and has been recently pointed out to me by someone more knowledgeable in this field than myself, I have a responsibility to not depress the market for these watches in the UK before it's even really taken off - short term gain at the expense of the long-term market is not the way to behave.... I am not VAT registered though should I reach £85k of sales (Ha!) I'll become so.

Where are you ? I'm worried about the validity of the 1yr warranty on the watch I might buy from you.

Longfield, Kent, England. I'm at [email protected] or you can get me on the contact page.

OK. OK..I am, for now, convinced. Say, would you happen to know where I can acquire some classy yet slightly left-of-centre booze to go with my classy yet slightly left-of-centre watch?

Do you know, I do..