Carefully curated, high quality, affordable watches

If you are a fan of well made, high quality but low COST watches, the this is the place for you. If you want a Rolex, you are unfortunately in the wrong place BUT if you - like me - feel that you can't really go wrong with sapphire crystal, 316L stainless steel and a decent movement based on a classic design, then you should read on. This site is also an experiment in supply and demand for the budget end of the market - use the CONTACT page to email me suggestions, and if I can get a decent price on a batch, I'll see if I can stock them. I'm sure I can stick a survey on here somewhere to gauge opinion and demand...I'm in the UK and will send to the UK and Europe for a simple flat fee with a guaranteed minimum of nonsense.


I urge you to have a look at the ABOUT ME page for some more details on what you can expect from me and from my site.


I'm adding more sterile versions of the most popular Steeldive watches all the time! go and have a look!

...and whilst we're at it, have some Jody..